Commit ef6aad4c authored by Thomas Debesse's avatar Thomas Debesse

Merge branch 'fixrevert' into 'master'

redo a windows fix from 20dbf5c1 that was mistakenly lost

See merge request !117
parents 20576900 e553b299
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ void MultiMonitor_constructPreferences( PreferencesPage& page ){
ui::CheckButton primary_monitor = page.appendCheckBox( "Multi Monitor", "Start on Primary Monitor", g_multimon_globals.m_bStartOnPrimMon );
ui::CheckButton popup = page.appendCheckBox(
"", "Disable system menu on popup windows",
mkImportExportCallback( g_Multimon_enableSysMenuPopups )
make_property( g_Multimon_enableSysMenuPopups )
Widget_connectToggleDependency( popup, primary_monitor );
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