Commit 7ba473e5 authored by Thomas Debesse's avatar Thomas Debesse 👀
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q3map2: accept -bsp stage option name without complaining

- using it is far more consistent with other stages,
- makes reading options less prone to errors:
  reading “q3map3 -meta” may induce to human
  reader that meta is a stage while in fact
  it's “q3map2 -bsp -meta” and meta is an
  option for the bsp stage,
- it is not bad to use the explicit -bsp stage option,
- there is no reason to recommend to not use it.
parent 7cf8b1a0
......@@ -710,7 +710,6 @@ int BSPMain( int argc, char **argv ){
surfaceFilePath[0] = 0;
if ( argc >= 2 && !strcmp( argv[ 1 ], "-bsp" ) ) {
Sys_Printf( "-bsp argument unnecessary\n" );
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