Commit 792cfa2c authored by divverent's avatar divverent Committed by Rudolf Polzer

Fix the corona bug. The render bug only though.

This is done by reviving alphamod and colormod arguments of

The current implementation is a bit rough and needlessly copies the
worldentity; the struct isn't huge though and it's only done when
actually colormodding (and thus only for coronas, r_editlights, a few
sprites and nomodels).

git-svn-id: svn://[email protected] d7cf8633-e32d-0410-b094-e92efae38249
parent f3796fe2
......@@ -8676,6 +8676,24 @@ void RSurf_ActiveModelEntity(const entity_render_t *ent, qboolean wantnormals, q
void RSurf_ActiveCustomEntity(const matrix4x4_t *matrix, const matrix4x4_t *inversematrix, int entflags, double shadertime, float r, float g, float b, float a, int numvertices, const float *vertex3f, const float *texcoord2f, const float *normal3f, const float *svector3f, const float *tvector3f, const float *color4f, int numtriangles, const int *element3i, const unsigned short *element3s, qboolean wantnormals, qboolean wanttangents)
rsurface.entity = r_refdef.scene.worldentity;
if (r != 1.0f || g != 1.0f || b != 1.0f || a != 1.0f) {
// HACK to provide a valid entity with modded colors to R_GetCurrentTexture.
// A better approach could be making this copy only once per frame.
static entity_render_t custom_entity;
int q;
custom_entity = *rsurface.entity;
for (q = 0; q < 3; ++q) {
float colormod = q == 0 ? r : q == 1 ? g : b;
custom_entity.render_fullbright[q] *= colormod;
custom_entity.render_modellight_ambient[q] *= colormod;
custom_entity.render_modellight_diffuse[q] *= colormod;
custom_entity.render_lightmap_ambient[q] *= colormod;
custom_entity.render_lightmap_diffuse[q] *= colormod;
custom_entity.render_rtlight_diffuse[q] *= colormod;
custom_entity.alpha *= a;
rsurface.entity = &custom_entity;
rsurface.skeleton = NULL;
rsurface.ent_skinnum = 0;
rsurface.ent_qwskin = -1;
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