Automatically generate a fake identity.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. -- Voltaire


fakid generates a fake identity.


% fakid
First name: Leisa
Last name: Pecor
Nickname: peesa83
Sex:  Female
Country:  USA
Profession:  Nuclear Engineer
Email:  leisa.pecor20@mailinator.com
Passphrase:  [calculator pucker slogan gratitude]
Blood type:  A+
Likes:  [Kitties]


  • For a fiction character.
  • To stay anonymous online. Some online services may require a "true" identity, with name, age, etc. fakid creates one for you.
  • Pen name. To experiment with different styles of writing.
  • With an identity is easier to build a readership, since your readers can identify with you and learn to know what to expect from your writings/blog, but you may want to stay anonymous when speaking about taboos, your secret life, politics, etc.


First install Golang then do

go get gitlab.com/xojoc/fakid
go install gitlab.com/xojoc/fakid

and run


Note1: the email address is real. You can use it.

Note2: fakid generates both passphrases and passwords. Passphrases are to be preferred, but if a website imposes stupid rules like at least an Uppercase, a digit, a weird character, then you can always use the password.

Note3: you can hide your name, but be aware that you could be identified by your way of writing. Frequencies of letters/words, length of phrases, etc. all reveal bits of you.


If you care about privacy/anonymity also check out:

You can use Typed.pw to write a one-off article.


  • Short bio
  • Long bio
  • Fake social messages (with hashtags, @nicknames, ect.)
  • Favorite food
  • Likes: extend list
  • Hates: extend list
  • Profession: a better list
  • Countries: extend list (Only USA is used right now)
  • Height/weight
  • Age/tropical zodiac
  • Sport
  • Hobby
  • Avatar (but how?)


Written by http://xojoc.pw


Public domain. Because copyright laws are lame.