A 2d game engine written in golang for GNU/Linux.

xojoc/engine is a 2d game engine written in golang for GNU/Linux.

It was initially developed for games2d and has many useful packages and features.

xojoc/engine is composed by indipendent sub packages that can be used separately:

  • window - create and manage graphical windows
  • loop - fixed-time game loop
  • particles - particle system
  • save - save/load game state
  • tiled - load tile maps generated by Tiled
  • geom - common geometric figures
  • inter - interpolation functions
  • aplay - a hack to play sounds without dynamic linking

Godoc has complete documentation.

See the source code of games2d for examples.

xojoc/engine is still in alpha stage, there are still a lot of things that are missing. That said some sub packages are quite stable.


xojoc/engine was written by http://xojoc.pw


  • Write a game using xojoc/engine :)
  • Report bugs
  • Give feedback on code/documentation/API
  • Buy games2d.
  • Hire me :). If you are interested in a young, hardcore code lover, drop me a line.


xojoc/engine is Free Software and is in the Public Domain.