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    Merge branch 'ak/submodule-foreach-quoting' · b2a0afd9
    Junio C Hamano authored
    A behavior change, but a worthwhile one: "git submodule foreach"
    was treating its arguments as part of a single command to be
    concatenated and passed to a shell, making writing buggy
    scripts too easy.
    This patch preserves the old "just pass it to the shell" behavior
    when a single argument is passed to 'git submodule foreach' and
    moves to a new "skip the shell and use the arguments passed
    unmolested" behavior when more than one argument is passed.
    The old behavior (always concatenating and passing to the shell)
    was similar to the 'ssh' command, while the new behavior (switching
    on the number of arguments) is what 'xterm -e' does.
    May need more thought to make sure this change is advertised well
    so that scripts that used multiple arguments but added their own
    extra layer of quoting are not broken.
    * ak/submodule-foreach-quoting:
      submodule foreach: skip eval for more than one argument
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