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    Merge branch 'en/and-cascade-tests' · b3ff808b
    Junio C Hamano authored
    * en/and-cascade-tests: (25 commits)
      t4124 (apply --whitespace): use test_might_fail
      t3404: do not use 'describe' to implement test_cmp_rev
      t3404 (rebase -i): introduce helper to check position of HEAD
      t3404 (rebase -i): move comment to description
      t3404 (rebase -i): unroll test_commit loops
      t3301 (notes): use test_expect_code for clarity
      t1400 (update-ref): use test_must_fail
      t1502 (rev-parse --parseopt): test exit code from "-h"
      t6022 (renaming merge): chain test commands with &&
      test-lib: introduce test_line_count to measure files
      tests: add missing &&, batch 2
      tests: add missing &&
      Introduce sane_unset and use it to ensure proper && chaining
      t7800 (difftool): add missing &&
      t7601 (merge-pull-config): add missing &&
      t7001 (mv): add missing &&
      t6016 (rev-list-graph-simplify-history): add missing &&
      t5602 (clone-remote-exec): add missing &&
      t4026 (color): remove unneeded and unchained command
      t4019 (diff-wserror): add lots of missing &&
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