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    Merge branch 'jc/check-attr-honor-working-tree' · 28b68216
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git check-attr" when (trying to) work on a repository with a
    working tree did not work well when the working tree was specified
    via --work-tree (and obviously with --git-dir).
    The command also works in a bare repository but it reads from the
    (possibly stale, irrelevant and/or nonexistent) index, which may
    need to be fixed to read from HEAD, but that is a completely
    separate issue.  As a related tangent to this separate issue, we
    may want to also fix "check-ignore", which refuses to work in a
    bare repository, to also operate in a bare one.
    * jc/check-attr-honor-working-tree:
      check-attr: move to the top of working tree when in non-bare repository
      t0003: do not chdir the whole test process
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