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    Merge branch 'jk/skip-prefix' · e91ae32a
    Junio C Hamano authored
    * jk/skip-prefix:
      http-push: refactor parsing of remote object names
      imap-send: use skip_prefix instead of using magic numbers
      use skip_prefix to avoid repeated calculations
      git: avoid magic number with skip_prefix
      fetch-pack: refactor parsing in get_ack
      fast-import: refactor parsing of spaces
      stat_opt: check extra strlen call
      daemon: use skip_prefix to avoid magic numbers
      fast-import: use skip_prefix for parsing input
      use skip_prefix to avoid repeating strings
      use skip_prefix to avoid magic numbers
      transport-helper: avoid reading past end-of-string
      fast-import: fix read of uninitialized argv memory
      apply: use skip_prefix instead of raw addition
      refactor skip_prefix to return a boolean
      avoid using skip_prefix as a boolean
      daemon: mark some strings as const
      parse_diff_color_slot: drop ofs parameter
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