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Add RN for Aldebaran.11

parent deb3c36b
......@@ -91,6 +91,41 @@ Table listing the current version of the components.
.. note:: Bugfix release. See :ref:`aldebaran_release` section for features list and behavior changes.
Consult the `Aldebaran.11 Roadmap <>`_.
Components updated: **xucmgt**, **xucserver**
* `#2289 <>`_ - Callbacks are removed from the list if I click again on the Callbacks view
* `#2319 <>`_ - Unable to loggoff an agent with ccagent
* `#2283 <>`_ - [C] - CCManager displays wrong logout time in Agent View
**Web Assistant**
* `#2292 <>`_ - Second call Bip is not always working and global key not always working
**XUC Server**
* `#2241 <>`_ - WebAssistant - XuC - xivo-auth User cannot toggle DND or enable/disable forward because his token doesn't exist anymore
* `#2355 <>`_ - [C] - When xuc loses connection to AMI (Ami failure) ghost call may appear in user interfaces
.. important:: **Behavior change** Now, when xuc loses connection to the AMI, ongoing calls are *cleared* from the Web / Desktop Assistant call control
(they are cleared from CC Agent or UC call control display).
Only new calls after AMI connection is back, will be correctly displayed in the Web / Desktop Assistant call control.
Note that if this AMI connection failure happens when a WebRTC user has an ongoing call, he will only be able to hangup the call by loging out of the Web / Desktop Application.
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