Commit d06eae68 authored by Etienne Allovon's avatar Etienne Allovon

Add forgottent behavior change in RN

parent 77658d7d
......@@ -139,6 +139,9 @@ Components updated: **config-mgt**, **recording-server**, **xivo-dao**, **xivo-i
**Config mgt**
* `#1847 <>`_ - Use Config Mgt with HTTPS protocol
.. important:: **Behavior change** All calls to configmgt API (callbakcs, user rights...) should now be prefixed by `configmgt`. For examples for requesting callbacks you would request `api/1.0/callback_lists` now you have to request `configmgt/api/1.0/callback_lists`.
* `#1857 <>`_ - configmgt redirection to login is not working
* `#1892 <>`_ - Cannot give the role Teacher to an user in configmgt
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