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2583 - Add documentation for running an executable in desktop assistant and desktop agent

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......@@ -120,6 +120,47 @@ Example : Using the caller number to open a customer info web page
.. figure:: example_xivo_sheet.png
:scale: 90%
.. _run_executable_sheet:
Run executable
It is also possible to run an executable using Xivo :ref:`sheet <custom-call-form>` mecanism. This is only available in the desktop agent and desktop assistant.
* :menuselection:`Services > CTI Server > Sheets > Models`:
* Tab *General Settings*: Give a name
* Tab *Sheet*: You must define a sheet with at least ``runAsExecutable`` and ``popupUrl`` fields set:
* ``popupUrl`` (MANDATORY)
* field type = ``text``
* It should contain an executable name accessible by the client user (where the desktop application is) or a full executable path.
* ``runAsExecutable`` (MANDATORY)
* field type = ``text``
* Display value ``true``
* ``executableArgs`` (OPTIONAL)
* field type = ``text``
* set the argument for the executable.
* :menuselection:`Services > CTI Server > Sheets > Events`: Choose the right events for starting the application.
Example : Run the ``notify-send`` command on linux:
* Define ``popupUrl`` with a display value of ``notify-send``
* Define ``runAsExecutable`` with a display value of ``true``
* Define ``executableArgs`` with a display value of ``caller:{xivo-calleridnum}`` where the variable ``xivo-calleridnum`` will be replaced by the caller phone number.
.. figure:: example_xivo_sheet_exe.png
:scale: 90%
.. _login_pause_funckeys:
Login and Pause management using function keys
......@@ -89,9 +89,11 @@ or::
- ``open``: Will open the given ``url`` inside the integration pane
- ``popup``: Will open the given ``url`` in a popup
- ``run``: Will run the given ``url`` as an executable, only works in desktop assistant.
- ``none``: No action will be performed
- ``event`` is one of ``EventRinging``, ``EventEstablished``, ``EventReleased``. The third party application will be opened when one the specified event occurs
- ``url`` should be the url to open inside the application. This url should point to a valid web application that can be specific for each call.
- ``executableArgs`` can contain an array of argument for the ``run`` action.
- ``autopause`` if set to true, the agent will be put on pause when the application pane is opened and back to ready when the application is completed.
- ``autopauseReason`` an optional field allowing to set the type of the pause used while setting the agent on pause (see the line above).
- ``multitab`` if set to true and ``action`` is set to ``popup``, then the integration will be opened a in new popup window (or tab) each time instead of reusing the same window (or tab).
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