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Add FlashText documentation in user guide

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......@@ -35,8 +35,16 @@ Received by the user when a message is sent
{"from":{"username":"bruce"},"sequence":145,"message":"How are you Alice ?",
"from": {
"username": "bruce",
"displayName": "Bruce Willis"
"sequence": 145,
"message": "How are you Alice ?",
"date": "2019-05-28T14:55:08.628+02:00",
"event": "FlashTextUserMessage"
* FlashTextSendMessageAck
......@@ -260,6 +260,28 @@ Organizer can also:
* Mute and unmute any attendee
* Kick out an attendee. A message will be played to the kicked out attendee before leaving the conference.
.. figure:: flashtext.png
:scale: 80%
You are able to send a `Flashtext` to a user of your choice.
This is an *instant message* that can be sent to another user logged in. FlashTexts are not saved.
When you send a Flashtext, you are notified with a toast if the message was sent successfully or
if the message was not sent because the recipient is not logged in.
When you receive a FlashText, you are notified with a orange badge on the call tabs.
If you are using the desktop application, the electron tray icon also shows an orange badge.
You will also have a notification from your web browser or a system notification if you are using the desktop application.
You can send links in FlashText, they will be clickable.
You can also write emojis from your keyboard (e.g., `:smile:`). You can find here some `emojis exemple`_.
.. _emojis exemple:
WebRTC integration
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