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1992 - Document new sheet behavior

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......@@ -79,19 +79,29 @@ It is possible to display customer information in an external web application us
* :menuselection:`Services > CTI Server > Sheets > Models`:
* Tab *General Settings*: Give a name
* Tab *Sheet*: You must define a sheet with two fields
* Tab *Sheet*: You must define a sheet with at least ``folderNumber`` and ``popupUrl`` fields set:
* ``folderNumber``
* ``folderNumber`` (MANDATORY)
* field type = ``text``
* It has to be defined. Can be calculated or use a default value not equal to "-"
* Note: You could leave "empty" using a whitespace (in hexadecimal: %20)
* ``popupUrl``
* ``popupUrl`` (MANDATORY)
* field type = ``text``
* The url to open when call arrives : i.e. the folder number will be automatically
appended at the end of the URL
* Additionally to the existing xivo variables, you can also use here the following variables(only available in Web Agent and Desktop Agent):
* ``{xuc-token}``: will be replaced by a token used for xuc websocket and rest api, for example ``{xuc-token}&folder=``
* ``{xuc-username}``: will be replaced by the username of the logged on user, for example ``{xuc-username}&folder=``
* ``multiTab`` (OPTIONAL)
* field type = ``text``
* set to the text ``true`` to open each popup in a new window.
* :menuselection:`Services > CTI Server > Sheets > Events`: Choose the right events for opening the URL (if you choose two events, url will opened twice etc.)
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