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......@@ -79,19 +79,29 @@ It is possible to display customer information in an external web application us
* :menuselection:`Services > CTI Server > Sheets > Models`:
* Tab *General Settings*: Give a name
* Tab *Sheet*: You must define a sheet with two fields
* Tab *Sheet*: You must define a sheet with at least ``folderNumber`` and ``popupUrl`` fields set:
* ``folderNumber``
* ``folderNumber`` (MANDATORY)
* field type = ``text``
* It has to be defined. Can be calculated or use a default value not equal to "-"
* Note: You could leave "empty" using a whitespace (in hexadecimal: %20)
* ``popupUrl``
* ``popupUrl`` (MANDATORY)
* field type = ``text``
* The url to open when call arrives : i.e. the folder number will be automatically
appended at the end of the URL
* Additionally to the existing xivo variables, you can also use here the following variables(only available in Web Agent and Desktop Agent):
* ``{xuc-token}``: will be replaced by a token used for xuc websocket and rest api, for example ``{xuc-token}&folder=``
* ``{xuc-username}``: will be replaced by the username of the logged on user, for example ``{xuc-username}&folder=``
* ``multiTab`` (OPTIONAL)
* field type = ``text``
* set to the text ``true`` to open each popup in a new window.
* :menuselection:`Services > CTI Server > Sheets > Events`: Choose the right events for opening the URL (if you choose two events, url will opened twice etc.)
......@@ -84,10 +84,15 @@ or::
- ``action`` is one of ``"open"`` or ``"none"``
- ``event`` is one of ``"EventRinging"``, ``"EventEstablished"``, ``"EventReleased"``. The third party application will be opened when one the specified event occurs
- ``action`` is one of
- ``open``: Will open the given ``url`` inside the integration pane
- ``popup``: Will open the given ``url`` in a popup
- ``none``: No action will be performed
- ``event`` is one of ``EventRinging``, ``EventEstablished``, ``EventReleased``. The third party application will be opened when one the specified event occurs
- ``url`` should be the url to open inside the application. This url should point to a valid web application that can be specific for each call.
- ``autopause`` if set to true, the agent will be put on pause when the application pane is opened and back to ready when the application is completed.
- ``multitab`` if set to true and ``action`` is set to ``popup``, then the integration will be opened a in new popup window (or tab) each time instead of reusing the same window (or tab).
- ``title`` will set the title of the tabs that will be opened.
**Warning**, when the XucMgt application and the integrated application are on different server, domain, url,... (which should be common case), You may get CORS_ errors. To workaround this issue, you should implement the OPTIONS request on your web service. This method will be called by the browser before issuing the POST request to ensure the target web server allows calls from the original application. You application must set at least the following headers in order to overcome the CORS_ errors:
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