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Remove upgrade to IV proc

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......@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@ It should be located in the file :file:`/etc/apt/sources.list.d/xivo-dist.list`.
There are three cases:
#. :ref:`Upgrade to an LTS XiVO CC version <upgrade_latest_version_xcc>`,
#. :ref:`Upgrade to an Intermediate version <upgrade_specific_version_xcc>`,
#. :ref:`Upgrade to the latest subversion <upgrade_latest_subversion_xcc>` of your current installed version.
.. warning:: Note that it is not possible to downgrade to any version.
......@@ -39,22 +38,6 @@ or point towards *archive* URI and *xivo-2017.11-latest* suite::
deb xivo-2017.11-latest main
.. _upgrade_specific_version_xcc:
Upgrade to an **Intermediate** version
.. note:: **Intermediate** versions have a limited support. You should install LTS version only.
Between two LTS versions we release **Intermediate** versions (to which is given a limited support). To upgrade to a *specific* **Intermediate** version the sources list must point towards *archive* URI and *xivo-VERSION-latest* suite.
For example if you want to upgrade to **2017.06** version you should have::
deb xivo-2017.06-latest main
Note the ``/archive/`` and ``-2017.06-latest`` above.
.. _upgrade_latest_subversion_xcc:
Upgrade to latest **subversion**
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