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......@@ -113,6 +113,9 @@ This view allows to manage callback request : importing a new list of callbacks,
.. figure:: ccmanager_callbacks.png
:scale: 80%
Callbacks import
Callbacks can be imported from a CSV file into a :ref:`callback list <callback_lists>`.
Line delimiter must be a new line character and column separator must be one of: '|' or ',' or ';'. Columns can be optionaly enclosed by double-quote '"'.
......@@ -138,7 +141,13 @@ The header line must contain the exact field named described below:
When an agent takes a callback, the column ``Taken by`` is updated with the number of the aget. The callback disappears when it is processed.
Callbacks export
The tickets of the processed callbacks can be downloaded by clicking on the ``Download tickets`` button.
The downloaded file is a csv file with the comma ',' as delimiter.
.. rubric:: Footnotes
.. [#f1] Only supervisors which have their own lines can listen to agents, no supported on mobile supervisors, a line has to be affected to supervisors in xivo
......@@ -84,17 +84,17 @@ Consult the `2016.04 Roadmap <>`_
**Web/Desktop Assistant**
* For displaying search result, compatibility with `xivo-dird` of *XiVO PBX* has been enhanced. After upgrade you must
verify the configuration of your Display in XiVO PBX as described in :ref:`directories` and :ref:`dird-integration-views`.
verify the configuration of your CTI directory Display in *XiVO PBX* as described in :ref:`directories` and :ref:`dird-integration-views`.
.. note:: Integration note: the *Web Assistant* support only the display of
.. note:: Integration note: the *Web* and *Desktop Assistant* support only the display of
* 1 field for name (the one of type *name* in the directory display)
* 3 numbers (the one of type *number* and the first two of type *callable*)
* and 1 email
**Callbacks (CCManager)**
* Default csv separator has been changed from pipe '|' to comma ','.
* Default csv separator has been changed from pipe '|' to comma ',' for the callback export.
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