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2389 Add flags webrtc description for audio optimization

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......@@ -47,3 +47,40 @@ Known limitation are :
| ``ifdown <ifname>``
| This will switch off network interface not required to make your call.
Additional chrome WebRTC-specifics options
There are various additionals settings used in the code.
They are used to improve audio quality by enabling or disabling chrome WebRTC-specifics flags.
**Chrome currently support some differents options that you can set to true or false :**
* **Automatic gain control** : Adjust voice sound level to make it linear, lowering sound level when the user speaks too loudly.
* **Echo cancellation** : Detect and delete echo coming from the playback of the user's own voice.
* **Noise suppression** : Cancel background noises coming from the user's environment.
* **Highpass filter** : Filters out low frequencies noises (like microphone background buzzing permanent sound).
* **Audio mirroring** : Reflect sound coming from different directions into a focus point (similar to a parabola).
* **Typing noise detection** : Detect and delete keypress sounds.
**The current production code is set as follows :**
* googAutoGainControl is set to *false*
* googAutoGainControl2 is set to *false*
* googEchoCancellation is set to *true*
* googEchoCancellation2 is set to *true*
* googNoiseSuppression is set to *false*
* googNoiseSuppression2 is set to *false*
* googHighpassFilter is set to *false*
* googAudioMirroring is set to *false*
* googTypingNoiseDetection is set to *true*
.. note::
| This flag used to be valid but is now deprecated :
| - Ducking : Reduce an audio signal by the presence of another signal (multiple people talking at the same time).
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