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1851 - add procedure to install Cisco SPA8000 firmware

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......@@ -102,6 +102,11 @@ xivo-aastra-4.3.0
Particularly these new firmwares support forwarding of Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) messages from the LAN port to the PC port.
This ensures issues regarding network loops are not created.
:v1.1: Fix download of firmware with procedure :ref:`Cisco SPA8000 download firmware <cisco-spa8000-fw-download>`.
......@@ -310,6 +310,27 @@ must be changed. You can read the :ref:`fax-analog-gateway` section.
* *XIVO_IP* is the IP address of your XiVO,
* *CONF_FILE* is one of ``spa3102.cfg``, ``spa8000.cfg``
.. _cisco-spa8000-fw-download:
**Cisco SPA8000 Firmware Download Procedure**
To install Cisco SPA8000 firmware, you need to manually download
the firmware files from the Cisco website and save them in the
:file:`/var/lib/xivo-provd/plugins/xivo-cisco-spa8000-6.1.11/var/cache` directory.
This directory is created by XiVO when you install the plugin (i.e. xivo-cisco-spa8000-6.1.11).
If you create the directory manually, the installation will fail.
* Go to
* Go to "Software download"
* In the search bar, search for "SPA8000"
* Click on "Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) Firmware"
* Then select under "All Release" the "6" menu, and under the "6" menu, select release "**6.1.11**"
* Finally download the file "****"
* Copy this file into the :file:`/var/lib/xivo-provd/plugins/xivo-cisco-spa8000-6.1.11/var/cache` directory
* Lastly, in the XiVO XiVO web interface, edit the plugin xivo-cisco-spa8000 and you'll then be able to click on the "install" button for the firmware
Cisco 7900 Series
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