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......@@ -26,6 +26,18 @@ The *XiVO UC Assistant* is a Web application that enables a user to:
* enable call forwarding and *Do Not Disturb* (aka DND)
* show history of calls
Config file
You can specify your UC assistant parameters by providing a **xivoconfig.ini** file or by editing the one that get created automatically
on first launch. This file **must be located in the same folder as your UC assistant executable**.
The xivoconfig.ini file template is as follows :
* **APP_PROTOCOL= https** (by default) or **http** (*Define if the connection is secured or not*)
* **APP_DOMAIN= url** or **IP:PORT** (*Define the url or ip used by the UC assistant*)
* **APP_STARTUP= true** or **false** (*Define if the UC assistant opens on operating system start*)
* **APP_CLOSE= true** or **false** (*Define if the UC assistant is minimized in taskbar instead of closed*)
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