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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ Upgrading a *XiVO PBX* is done by executing commands through a terminal on the
server. You can connect to the server either through SSH or with a physical
.. note:: Downgrade is not supported
......@@ -20,43 +21,17 @@ These tools handle the process of upgrading:
.. warning:: The following applies to *XiVO PBX* **>= 2016.03**. For older version, see :ref:`version_specific_upgrade` section.
There are two cases:
#. :ref:`Upgrade to an LTS version of XiVO PBX <upgrade_latest_version_xpbx>`,
#. :ref:`Upgrade to an Intermediate version of XiVO PBX <upgrade_specific_version_xpbx>`,
.. warning:: Note that it is not possible to downgrade to any version.
.. _upgrade_latest_version_xpbx:
Upgrade to an **LTS** version
To upgrade to a XiVO PBX **LTS** version you have to update the sources list by using the `xivo-dist` command::
xivo-dist <XiVO LTS VERSION>
Currently there are two XiVO PBX **LTS** versions:
#. (**latest**) XiVO Polaris (2017.11) - released 2017/10/09::
xivo-dist xivo-polaris
#. (*old*) XiVO Five (2017.03) - released 2017/04/03: see `XiVO Five documentation
.. _upgrade_specific_version_xpbx:
Upgrade to an **Intermediate** version
.. note:: **Intermediate** versions have a limited support. You should install LTS version only.
Between XiVO PBX LTS versions we release **Intermediate** versions (to which is given a limited support). To upgrade to a *specific* **Intermediate** version, you have to update the sources to point to this *specific* version. You have to do it with the ``xivo-dist`` command. For example, if you want to upgrade to **2017.06**::
For example::
xivo-dist xivo-2017.06-latest
xivo-dist xivo-aldebaran
Preparing the upgrade
......@@ -105,6 +80,8 @@ Specific procedures
.. _version_specific_upgrade:
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