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......@@ -78,21 +78,22 @@ and an environment variable to specify the alternate config file location
- /etc/docker/xuc:/conf
Edit in /etc/docker/xuc/ a configuration file named xuc.conf to add new thresholds configuration (empty by default)
Make directory :file:`/etc/docker/xuc/` and create or edit a configuration file named :file:`xuc.conf` inside it
with these contents to add new thresholds configuration (the list of values is empty by default):
include "application.conf"
include "application.conf"
xucstats {
xucstats {
queues {
statTresholdsInSec = [10,30] # 15 sec treshold is automatically added
statTresholdsInSec = [10,30] # 15 sec threshold is automatically added
Recreate and restart the container : `xivocc-dcomp up -d xuc`
Stop and remove the existing xuc container: `xivocc-dcomp stop xuc && xivocc-dcomp rm -f xuc`
Then start it: `xivocc-dcomp up -d`
.. note:: In this example, xuc will publish counters for 10, 15 and 30 seconds periods.
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