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Consult the `Polaris.00 Roadmap <>`_ for complete list of features and fixes.
Polaris is the new LTS release of XiVO Solutions.
New features
* :ref:`agent` interface,
* XiVO PBX default configuration,
* transfer handling,
* agent login and pause keys,
* Yealink T4XS family support (see :ref:`devices_releasenotes`)
Behavior change
* Transfers:
* The attended transfer is no longer done through the device capabilities or using DTMF but using AMI command to manage the device calls.
* Snom devices required previously the user to complete the transfer twice to actually perform the transfer, this is no longer the case.
* WebRTC transfer is currently not working with this version.
* You cannot complete a transfer initiated from the Agent / Assistant by hanging up.
* The old behavior can be enabled if needed, see :ref:`disabling_ami_transfer`
* Directmedia / RFC2833
* Hangup are no longer possible through `*0` extension
* An attended transfer initiated via the XiVO Client can't be cancelled via this `*0` extension
* If needed this Dial option should be added via a subroutine on the user.
* Anonymous calls
* With this change, if your SIP trunk has *Send the Remote-Party-ID* set to *PAI*, anonymous calls will be sent according to RFC 3325.
See :ref:`outgoing_call_callerid`.
* Attached data
* When transferring a call, these variables are attached to the new channel however to prevent propagation on all trunk channels, your trunk name must contain 'trunk' so they can be distinguished from sip devices. (`#1184 <>`_)
* System
* The following variables can now be defined in the :file:`/etc/docker/compose/custom.env` file:
.. warning::
To customize port, you must also edit the *ports* section in the :file:`/etc/docker/compose/docker-xivocc.yml` file.
Upgrade from Five
In this sections are listed the manual steps to do after migration from Five to Polaris.
* Accept new cel.conf: if you are asked by ``xivo-upgrade`` installer, you must choose to replace the ``cel.conf`` file or ensure
that its content correspond to these :ref:`defaults <cel>`.
* Finish to remove xivo-ctid-ng and xivo-websocketd::
apt-get purge xivo-websocketd xivo-ctid-ng
* Add `writetimeout` parameter to the the :file:`/etc/asterisk/manager.d/02-xivocc.conf` file:
.. code-block:: bash
:emphasize-lines: 7
secret = ...
deny = ...
permit = ...
read = ...
write = ...
writetimeout = 10000
* Upgrade your Snom plugin: you **MUST** update your Snom phones with the new plugin version to be able to use CTI Transfer (Web Assistant or CCAgent).
* Update new fingerboard::
xivocc-dcomp stop fingerboard
docker rm xivocc_fingerboard_1
xivocc-dcomp up -d fingerboard
Features & bugfixes list
Components udpated: **spagobi**, **xivo-manage-db**, **xucmgt**, **xivo-config**, **xivo-web-interface**, **xivo-swagger-doc**,
**xivocc-installer**, **recording-server**, **xivo-agid**, **xivo-confgend**, **xivo-full-stats**, **xucserver**
......@@ -187,7 +289,7 @@ Components udpated: **spagobi**, **xivo-manage-db**, **xucmgt**, **xivo-config**
Polaris (2017.LTS2) Intermediate Versions
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
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