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Remove postgres database upgrade duration warning and add notes about postgres conf backup

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......@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ In this section is listed the manual steps to do when migrating from Borealis to
.. warning:: Upgrade to Callisto:
* Postgres database will be updated from 9.4 to version 11 during upgrade.
Migration time will therefore be longer than usual.
* Asterisk will be updated from 13 to version 16 during upgrade.
* IAX trunks are no longer supported
......@@ -19,14 +18,11 @@ On XiVO PBX
* Postgres upgrade:
* You MUST have enough free disk space for postgres upgrade.
* The upgrade duration will depend on the size of the database (and mainly on the size of `cel` and `queue_log` tables).
As an example, for a database with 9M cel and 1M queue_log, the upgrade took 4 hours (on a server with 4 CPUs and 4 Gb of RAM).
* Asterisk database roles must correspond to the installed (old) XiVO version. Migration can fail if some table
is owned by an unexpected role.
* If there is any specific postgresql parameters (e.g. in files :file:`/etc/postgresql/9.4/postgresql.conf` or
or :file:`/etc/postgresql/9.4/pg_ha.conf`) you MUST save them to be able to restore them after the upgrade
(see note After Upgrade below).
* Your database MUST be in locale ``fr_FR.UTF-8`` or ``en_US.UTF-8``. Otherwise upgrade won't be possible.
If your database is not in this locale you must first change it :ref:`as documented here <postgresql_localization_errors>`.
* Old configuration parameters (e.g. in files :file:`/etc/postgresql/9.4/postgresql.conf` or
or :file:`/etc/postgresql/9.4/pg_ha.conf`) will be saved in during the upgrade in folder
:file:`/var/tmp/xivo-migrate-db-94-to-11/postgresql-94-conf-backup/` (see note After Upgrade below).
After Upgrade
......@@ -45,7 +41,8 @@ On XiVO PBX
* Postgresql: postgresql service now runs inside a container. During upgrade the database was re-imported
**BUT NOT** the postgresql configuration (i.e. parameters in file :file:`postgresql.conf`). If you have any
specific parameters you should add them to the postgresql container configuration as documented in the
:ref:`database_configuration` section.
:ref:`database_configuration` section. The old configuration was saved during upgrade in folder
* High availibility: If you have XiVO CC installed, follow the :ref:`ha_interconnection_with_cc` procedure
to install DB Replic on the slave XiVO.
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