Commit a82e47ab authored by Etienne Allovon's avatar Etienne Allovon

1422 - add RN and plugin RN notes for yealink-v81 2.2

parent 72e34485
......@@ -153,18 +153,10 @@ xivo-yealink-v73
:v2.1: DND feature disabled
:v2.1: DND feature disabled
:v1.31: integrate XiVOCC required template configuration
:v1.30: unprovisioned keys will now display blank BLF keys (instead of Line keys previously)
:v1.29: this version includes a behavior change for T46 and T48 phones : after 10min they go to power saving mode (which lits off the screen and buttons)
:v2.2: add support to expansion module EXP40 for T46/T48 **S**
:v2.1: new version of Yealink plugin with support for T4XS family and T23G
.. warning::
......@@ -789,7 +789,7 @@ Supported expansion modules:
* Yealink庐 EXP38 (for Yealink庐 T26P/T28P)
* Yealink庐 EXP39 (for Yealink庐 T26P/T28P)
* Yealink庐 EXP40 (for Yealink庐 T46G/T48G)
* Yealink庐 EXP40 (for Yealink庐 T46G/T48G T46S/T48S)
Caption :
......@@ -62,6 +62,8 @@ Consult the `2017.11 Roadmap <>`_ for
* `#1012 <>`_ - Bug Directory Mitel 6865i 6869i (fixed with Aastra/Mitel firmware update
done in plugin v1.7 - see :ref:`devices_releasenotes`)
* `#1422 <>`_ - Add support of expansion module EXP40 for T46S/T48S (see
**Spago BI**
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