Commit 9ee663fb authored by Etienne Allovon's avatar Etienne Allovon

add behavior changes for minor upgrade

parent 7c35b270
......@@ -197,6 +197,15 @@ Components updated: **asterisk**, **config-mgt**, **dahdi-linux**, **xivo-backup
If your XiVO was already upgraded to Callisto version, the previous configuration files from postgres 9.4 can be lost.
* `#2565 <>`_ - When I installed DAHDI modules, it should continue to work after (minor) kernel upgrade
.. important:: When upgrading, it will install new ``dahdi-linux-dkms`` package with necessary dependencies. The removal of the old ``dahdi-linux-modules-*``
packages is handled during the upgrade on XiVO.
However this removal is not handled automatically during upgrade on MDS. Therefore, *on a MDS*, you MUST remove
them manually after the upgrade by running the command::
apt-get purge '^dahdi-linux-modules*' -y``
* `#2570 <>`_ - HA unable to activate due to missing pg_hba.conf (clean install only)
* `#2581 <>`_ - [C] - Outcall - Schedules applied on objects that redirect to external number are badly applied on outcall
* `#2601 <>`_ - Outcall description are wrong
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