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XDS - AMI configuration for xuc VoIP IP on mds0

parent f0306f24
......@@ -50,6 +50,36 @@ On *server1*:
* pass the Wizard
.. _xds_main_ami_configuration:
AMI configuration
.. note:: Once a :ref:`media server is defined <xds_xivo-define_media_server>` in webi, Reporting Server will use
the VoIP interface for AMI connection to all media servers **and XiVO**. Here we authorize it on XIVO.
If XiVO CC is installed, do the following steps before adding media server.
Otherwise you can first define media servers and do these steps right after XiVO CC installation,
but before starting it to prevent problems with fail2ban.
#. Edit **existing** file :file:`/etc/asterisk/manager.d/02-xivocc.conf` to add permission for Reporting Server:
* ``permit`` to authorize the VoIP IP of the Reporting Server. E.g.:
.. code-block:: bash
#. Apply the configuration::
asterisk -rx 'manager reload'
.. _xds_xivo-define_media_server:
Define Media Servers
......@@ -217,6 +247,8 @@ On *server3*:
* install a XiVO CC (see :ref:`ccinstallation`)
* configure it
* before starting it, change the :ref:`AMI configuration <xds_main_ami_configuration>` on XiVO.
Known Limitations
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