Commit ba0fc655 authored by Gregory Eric Sanderson's avatar Gregory Eric Sanderson Committed by Cedric Abunar

remove ULE usage in user service

parent 92f0c123
......@@ -21,11 +21,7 @@ from mock import Mock, patch, ANY
from xivo_dao.data_handler.user import association as user_association
from xivo_dao.data_handler.voicemail.model import Voicemail
from xivo_dao.data_handler.user.model import User
from xivo_dao.data_handler.exception import ElementNotExistsError, \
from xivo_dao.data_handler.line.model import LineSIP
from xivo_dao.data_handler.extension.model import Extension
from xivo_dao.data_handler.user_line_extension.model import UserLineExtension
from xivo_dao.data_handler.exception import ElementNotExistsError
class TestUserAssociation(unittest.TestCase):
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