Commit 0866e159 authored by Jirka Hlavacek's avatar Jirka Hlavacek

2428 Remove outcall form call_permission test

parent f0213cc6
......@@ -404,12 +404,10 @@ class TestDelete(DAOTestCase):
mediaserver = self.add_mediaserver()
group = self.add_groupfeatures(
incall = self.add_incall()
outcall = self.add_outcall()
call_permission = call_permission_dao.create(CallPermission(name='Delete'))
self.add_right_call_member(, type='user', typeval=str(
self.add_right_call_member(, type='group', typeval=str(
self.add_right_call_member(, type='incall', typeval=str(
self.add_right_call_member(, type='outcall', typeval=str(
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