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XiVO blog
This repository contains the sources for XiVO's blog hosted at The XiVO dev
team welcomes anyone who would like to write and contribute articles to our blog. You can submit
your articles by sending us a [pull request](
This repository has been deprecated and has been replaced by a new blog where sources can be found @xivo-solutions-blog.
The blog is generated using [pelican]( Python 3 is recommended. Install
requirements with ```pip install -r requirements.txt```
Writing an article
Create a new article in ```content/articles```. Usually, the filename will be the same as the
article's slug and will end with ```.md```. A slug is lowercase with words seperated by hypens.
Filename example: ``````
Articles must be written in [Markdown]( and contain the
following metadata at the beginning of the file:
Title: My super duper article
Date: 2015-10-16 12:00:00
Author: John Smith
Category: XiVO IPBX
Tags: XiVO, development
Slug: my-super-duper-article
Status: draft
This is the beginning of the article
Once the article is ready for publication, change the status to ```published```.
Generating the blog locally
To preview what the blog will look like, run the following command :
make html serve
Then open a browser at http://localhost:8000
Publishing is done via github pages. The first time you clone the repository, run this command
to setup branches needed for publishing:
make github_setup
Once you are ready to publish your articles, run the following command:
make github
Files will automatically be generated and uploaded using your github credentials.
Content is now hosted [here](
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