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Shopware Vagrant

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Shopware Vagrant box

What it does?

Create a Debian jessie based Virtualbox VM, installs Shopware with a few helper tools.


  • Linux, Mac
  • New setup requires php-curl for composer or composer pre-installed
  • For installation Internet connection with enough broadband
  • We only test with Virtualbox
  • Running local nfs-server


  1. Checkout this Repository.
  2. Take a look in Configuration.sample.yaml and change settings
    1. Change private vagrant box ip (change second last block), example
    2. Change vagrant box domain
  3. vagrant up
  4. Select a repository or setup a new instance
  5. Enter your administrator password for nfs mount or hosts update
  6. Call URL to start Shopware installation (unnecessary steps removed)

Documentation wiki for more information


Remote connection configured root & shopware

  • User: shopware
  • Password: password
  • Database: shopware
Vagrant shell
  • User: vagrant
  • Password: vagrant
  • sudo su for root



  • Puppet MySQL module is patched to use MariaDB in Debian.
  • Some old encrypted Shopware Plugins are not compatible with ioncube for php7


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Please respect different licences in all used projects.