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skew-T: added T,p->x,y transformation matrix (not yet used) and properties for...

skew-T: added T,p->x,y transformation matrix (not yet used) and properties for skew and isotherm spacing
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......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@
#include <QtProperty>
#include <QNetworkAccessManager>
#include <QNetworkReply>
#include <QMatrix4x4>
// local application imports
#include "gxfw/nwpmultivaractor.h"
......@@ -119,6 +120,8 @@ protected:
void onChangeActorVariable(MNWPActorVariable *var) override;
void printDebugOutputOnUserRequest();
@brief Stores the current variable index and color of a variable.
......@@ -238,7 +241,7 @@ private:
@brief Stores the actual diagram configuration. This avoids using the
@brief Stores the diagram configuration. This avoids using the
QtProperty getters to retrieve configuration details.
struct DiagramConfiguration
......@@ -247,12 +250,13 @@ private:
void init();
QVector<VariableConfig> varConfigs;
QVector2D position;
QVector2D geoPosition;
QVector2D clipPos;
struct Area area;
float layer;
struct Amplitude vertical_p_hPa;
struct Amplitude temperature;
struct Amplitude temperature_degC;
float skewFactor;
struct Size offscreenTextureSize;
GLint maxTextureSize;
bool pressureEqualsWorldPressure = false;
......@@ -264,8 +268,9 @@ private:
bool drawInPerspective = false;
VertexRanges vertexRanges;
QVector4D diagramColor;
float moistAdiabatInterval = 10.0;
float dryAdiabatInterval = 10.0;
float isothermSpacing = 10.;
float moistAdiabatSpacing = 10.0;
float dryAdiabatSpacing = 10.0;
float yOffset = 0;
float skew(float x, float y) const;
......@@ -359,10 +364,12 @@ private:
*temperatureColorWyomingProperty, *groupWyoming,
*temperatureMinProperty, *temperatureMaxProperty,
*groupVariables, *temperatureGroupProperty,
......@@ -413,7 +420,12 @@ private:
void drawDeviation(MNWPSkewTActorVariable *mean,
MNWPSkewTActorVariable *deviation,
bool isHumidity, QColor deviationColor);
void setDiagramConfiguration();
Copies the current user-defined diagram configuration from the
GUI properties into the @ref diagramConfiguration struct.
void copyDiagramConfigurationFromQtProperties();
void drawDiagramGeometryAndLabels(MSceneViewGLWidget*sceneView,
GL::MVertexBuffer *vbDiagramVertices,
......@@ -441,6 +453,28 @@ private:
// by setting the centre point to the mouse position so we need this offset
// to place the handle relative to the mouse position.
QVector2D offsetPickPositionToHandleCentre;
// Stores the transformation matrix that transforms (T, log(p)) coordinates
// into the diagram's (x, y) coordinates. Computed by
// computeTlogp2xyTransformationMatrix().
QMatrix4x4 transformationMatrixTlogp2xy;
Compute the @ref transformationMatrixTlogp2xy from user settings
(temperature and pressure range to be displayed by the diagram).
@see transformTp2xy()
void computeTlogp2xyTransformationMatrix();
Transform a (temperature, pressure) coordinate into the Skew-T diagram's
(x, y) coordinates. Temperature is in K, pressure in hPa, the (x, y)
coordinates are in the (0..1) range both. The transformation matrix
used in this method needs to be computed first using
@ref computeTlogp2xyTransformationMatrix().
QVector2D transformTp2xy(QVector2D tpCoordinate_K_hPa);
......@@ -65,6 +65,14 @@ const double EARTH_RADIUS_km = 6371.; // km
*** METHODS ***
inline double kelvinToDegC(double temperature_K)
{ return temperature_K - 273.15; }
inline double degCToKelvin(double temperature_degC)
{ return temperature_degC + 273.15; }
inline double degreesToRadians(double angle);
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