Commit a98b4924 authored by Marc R.'s avatar Marc R.

skew-T: fixed isotherm spacing

parent ac89ba40
......@@ -1252,8 +1252,13 @@ void MSkewTActor::generateDiagramGeometry(
// If the diagram is drawn skewed, the isotherms need to continue over the
// minimum temperature limit of the diagram. The used factor is a heuristic,
// might need to be adjusted later.
for (float isothermTemperature = diagramTmin_K - skewFactor * diagramTRange_K;
// might need to be adjusted later. Note that the offset needs to be a
// multiple of the isotherm spacing value so that the temperature values
// of the isotherms are not affected by the scaling factor.
float tMinOffset = ceil((skewFactor * diagramTRange_K) /
config->dconfig->isothermSpacing) *
for (float isothermTemperature = diagramTmin_K - tMinOffset;
isothermTemperature <= diagramTmax_K;
isothermTemperature += config->dconfig->isothermSpacing)
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