Commit 93c9a884 authored by Marc R.'s avatar Marc R.

skew-T: code cleanup, removed redundant diagram config struct

parent da297a92
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -152,17 +152,12 @@ private:
float min, max;
@brief Stores the diagram configuration. This avoids using the
QtProperty getters to retrieve configuration details.
struct DiagramConfiguration
struct ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration
DiagramConfiguration() {}
ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration() {}
void init();
QVector2D geoPosition;
struct Amplitude vertical_p_hPa;
struct Amplitude temperature_degC;
float skewFactor;
......@@ -177,13 +172,7 @@ private:
float isothermSpacing = 10.;
float moistAdiabatSpacing = 10.0;
float dryAdiabatSpacing = 10.0;
struct ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration
ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration() {}
void init(DiagramConfiguration *dconfig);
DiagramConfiguration *dconfig;
bool recomputeAdiabateGeometries = true;
VertexRanges vertexArrayDrawRanges;
......@@ -230,8 +219,6 @@ private:
int wyomingVerticesCount;
QVector<int> wyomingStations;
DiagramConfiguration diagramConfiguration;
Copies the current user-defined diagram configuration from the
GUI properties into the @ref diagramConfiguration struct.
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