Commit 8fd8ba34 authored by Marc R.'s avatar Marc R.

skew-T: code refactoring, revision of variable names and comments

parent 93c9a884
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......@@ -123,66 +123,56 @@ protected:
void printDebugOutputOnUserRequest();
@brief Stores a vertex range that has to be drawn by the draw
calls for the diagram auxiliary lines.
// Start index and index count for vertices to be drawn from a vertex array.
struct VertexRange
int startIndex = 0;
int indexCount = 0;
@brief Stores the vertex ranges for every different type of auxiliary
struct VertexRanges
// Vertex ranges for coordinate lines of the diagram; all vertices are
// stored in a shared vertex buffer.
struct SkewTCoordinateLinesVertexRanges
int lineWidth = 1;
VertexRange diagramFrame;
VertexRange isobars;
VertexRange isotherms;
VertexRange dryAdiabates;
VertexRange moistAdiabates;
VertexRange frame;
VertexRange isobars;
struct Amplitude
struct CoordinateRange
float min, max;
struct ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration
struct SkewTDiagramConfiguration
ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration() {}
void init();
SkewTDiagramConfiguration() {}
QVector2D geoPosition;
struct Amplitude vertical_p_hPa;
struct Amplitude temperature_degC;
float skewFactor;
QVector4D backgroundColor;
QVector2D lonLatPosition;
struct CoordinateRange verticalRange_p_hPa;
struct CoordinateRange temperatureRange_degC;
float skewFactor = 1.;
bool alignWithCamera = false;
double diagramWidth3D = 15.;
bool drawDryAdiabates = true;
bool drawMoistAdiabates = true;
bool regenerateAdiabates = true;
bool fullscreen = false;
VertexRanges vertexRanges;
QVector4D diagramColor;
float isothermSpacing = 10.;
float moistAdiabatSpacing = 10.0;
float dryAdiabatSpacing = 10.0;
bool recomputeAdiabateGeometries = true;
VertexRanges vertexArrayDrawRanges;
QVector<QVector2D> dryAdiabatesVertices;
QVector<QVector2D> moistAdiabatesVertices;
VertexRanges highlightGeometryDrawRanges;
SkewTCoordinateLinesVertexRanges coordinateGeometryDrawRanges;
SkewTCoordinateLinesVertexRanges highlightGeometryDrawRanges;
ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration skewTDiagramConfiguration;
SkewTDiagramConfiguration diagramConfig;
QMap<MSceneViewGLWidget*, bool> sceneViewFullscreenEnabled;
......@@ -203,50 +193,43 @@ private:
std::shared_ptr<GL::MShaderEffect> skewTShader;
@brief Buffer used for the diagram auxiliary lines.
GL::MVertexBuffer* vbDiagramVertices;
GL::MVertexBuffer* vbHighlightVertices;
@brief Buffer used for the actual wyoming station.
GL::MVertexBuffer* vbWyomingVertices;
// Vertex buffers for diagram geometry and for "highlight geometry" in
// fullscreen interaction mode.
GL::MVertexBuffer* vbDiagramGeometry;
GL::MVertexBuffer* vbFullscreenMouseOverGeometry;
QVector<QVector2D> dryAdiabatesVertices;
QVector<QVector2D> moistAdiabatesVertices;
// Vertex buffer for profiles retrieved from the UoWyoming webservice.
GL::MVertexBuffer* vbWyomingProfiles;
int wyomingVerticesCount;
QVector<int> wyomingStations;
Copies the current user-defined diagram configuration from the
GUI properties into the @ref diagramConfiguration struct.
GUI properties into the @ref SkewTDiagramConfiguration struct.
void copyDiagramConfigurationFromQtProperties();
void drawDiagramGeometryAndLabels(MSceneViewGLWidget*sceneView,
GL::MVertexBuffer *vbDiagramVertices,
VertexRanges *vertexRanges);
void drawDiagramGeometryAndLabels(
GL::MVertexBuffer *vbDiagramGeometry,
SkewTCoordinateLinesVertexRanges *vertexRanges);
void generateDiagramGeometry(GL::MVertexBuffer **vbDiagramVertices,
ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration *config);
void generateDiagramGeometry(
GL::MVertexBuffer **vbDiagramGeometry,
SkewTDiagramConfiguration *config);
void generateFullScreenHighlightGeometry(
QVector2D tpCoordinate,
GL::MVertexBuffer** vbDiagramVertices,
ModeSpecificDiagramConfiguration *config);
GL::MVertexBuffer** vbDiagramGeometry,
SkewTDiagramConfiguration *config);
void drawDiagram2(MSceneViewGLWidget* sceneView);
void drawDiagram(MSceneViewGLWidget* sceneView);
void loadObservationalDataFromUWyoming(int stationNum);
void loadListOfAvailableObservationsFromUWyoming();
void drawDiagram3DView(MSceneViewGLWidget* sceneView);
void drawDiagramFullScreen(MSceneViewGLWidget* sceneView);
void drawDiagramGeometryAndLabels3DView(MSceneViewGLWidget* sceneView);
void loadListOfAvailableObservationsFromUWyoming();
void drawDiagramGeometryAndLabelsFullScreen(MSceneViewGLWidget* sceneView);
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