Commit dc8e8911 authored by jim warner's avatar jim warner Committed by Craig Small

misc: remove some trailing whitespace newly introduced

The commit (merge) referenced below added some useless
trailing whitespace, and this patch will correct such.

[ this also updates the NEWS file for the buglet fix ]

Gosh, if folks cannot coax their editors into avoiding
such crap they should remove the '.sample' suffix from
their '.git/hooks/pre-commit.sample' file. Thereafter,
git itself will reject changes with whitespace errors.

commit cc1f49aeSigned-off-by: jim warner's avatarJim Warner <[email protected]>
parent 5c78e785
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ procps-ng-NEXT
* library: dont use SIGPWR on FreeBSD Debian #832148
* pmap: fix duplicate output line under '-x' option Redhat #1374061
* top: eliminated minor libnuma memory leak
* library: don't strip off wchan prefixes (ps & top) Redhat #1322111
......@@ -47,6 +47,6 @@ const char * lookup_wchan (int pid) {
// lame ppc64 has a '.' in front of every name
if (*ret=='.') ret++;
while(*ret=='_') ret++;
return ret;
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