Commit cc1f49ae authored by Jan Rybar's avatar Jan Rybar

Merge branch 'ps_remove_wchan_strip' into 'master'

ps: removed stripping of prefixes off wchan data

Implementation of what was settled on ML discussion:  
'ps' does not remove "do_" and "sys_" prefixes from wchan data.  
Resolves Red Hat Bugzilla #1322111

See merge request !33
parents 3afaccc3 fc7f60a6
......@@ -46,11 +46,7 @@ const char * lookup_wchan (int pid) {
// lame ppc64 has a '.' in front of every name
if (*ret=='.') ret++;
switch (*ret){
case 's': if(!strncmp(ret, "sys_", 4)) ret += 4; break;
case 'd': if(!strncmp(ret, "do_", 3)) ret += 3; break;
case '_': while(*ret=='_') ret++; break;
default : break;
while(*ret=='_') ret++;
return ret;
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