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    [creditdunordpee] rewrite using s2e, make it work with OTP / device fingerprinting · 59a1e634
    Ludovic LANGE authored and Romain Bignon's avatar Romain Bignon committed
    Credit du Nord PEE has (now) an enhanced security feature,
    using a kind of 'fingerprinting' of the browser device which
    is used to detect if you changed device ; and will trigger
    the sending of a OTP to email or SMS for authorization of
    a new device.
    If you fill-in the proper OTP you received, it will allow
    this new device from now on.
    The current creditdunordpee does not handle this feature,
    and I was not able to add it easily.
    Instead, I found that this bank is using what looks like a
    shared platform with other banks - that is already supported
    by weboob (module : s2e for the shared code, and modules:
    bnppere, capeasi, erehsbc, esalia for the banks using it)
    Thus I rewrote the creditdunordpee module to use s2e shared
    code and have the authentication working.
    In addition to fixing authentication, the use of s2e module
    gives us a new capability (CapBankPockets). Morever, it seems