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[CCF] Use `schwifty` for ibans

Woofer requested to merge woofer-woob/woob:use-schwifty-for-ibans into master

Use schwifty.IBAN to re-build CCF account IBAN, instead of fetching it from the RIB page.

IBANs are partly obfuscated (with trailing XXXX) in the data returned by /distri-account-api, however the full info can be reconstructed from it using the additionally provided sourceContractId - which is an account number.

Fetching IBANs from the RIB pages can still be used, but incurs extra calls to the server: one to lookup accounts via a different api (which uses different IDs), and one per account to get the IBAN.

Note: module allianzbanque might benefit from the approach and expose IBANs instead of reflecting no iban at all.

Note: this MR sits on top of !896 ; there is really only one commit in here.

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