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Add image-based OTP Question and [creditmutuel] Implement initial DIGIPASS support.

Continuation of !594 since the original has no resource to maintain it at the moment (src: !594 (comment 1766529946)).

DIGIPASS is a device that the user can use as second authentication factor. Once the device setup and when the user connects, the login page will show an image to be scanned with a 8-digit OTP field. Then the image is scanned by the device to return the needed 8-digit OTP. More details can be read there !594 (comment 1796259602).

Difference with !594:

  • A new exception is added to manage the DIGIPASS case: ImageOTPQuestion
    • This replace the PIL code that was trying to open the image in the module itself and rather transfer it to the "frontend" using woob.
    • The exception requires a base64 encoded image since it fits most situation since an image from an URL can be encoded it if needed where the opposite is not possible

I made the new exception works with Kresus ( to be able to test the authentication, since I did't think I should try to show images in the console tool.

I might try to make it work in the console tool. Done

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