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      [societegenerale] CB statements download · 0a2f81c4
      sinopsysHK authored and hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum committed
      Fixing issue #329
      - Seek for child credit cards within each SG prestation as they
           are not managed as standalone prestations
      - Reference credit card with their last 4 digits for searching
      - Enable passing over periods without statements specifically
           for credit cards as statement is provided only when
           operations are recorded
    • Ludovic LANGE's avatar
      [societegenerale] Remove a harmless warning · 088d4a1b
      Ludovic LANGE authored and hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum committed
      An unimportant warning was being displayed when trying to coerce an image
      into an HTMLPage object.
      The image is now mapped to a RawPage (not really necessary, as it could also
      been left unhandled - but it looks better to have less unhandled pages)
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  12. 12 Feb, 2021 5 commits
    • Damien Mat's avatar
      [societegenerale] Better detect logged out state · e722331d
      Damien Mat authored and hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum committed
      When reloading state and requesting the last page visited,
      when that page is one of the one in json_pages.py,
      we are usally logged out.
      This is handled in AccountJsonPage with a special Logged property.
      But it needs to be as well in the other pages.
      We do that by introducing a LoggedDetectionMixin,
      inherited by a SGPEJsonPage, common to all subsequent pages.
    • Damien Mat's avatar
      [societegenerale] Big Pro/Ent cleanup · d53a3afc
      Damien Mat authored and hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum committed
      To better avoid problems when changing things not common
      to SGEntreprise and SGProfessional,
      inheritance scheme is changed.
      A common SGPEBrowser still exists. It takes in
      common login steps from SocieteGeneraleLogin,
      and common Pro/Ent navigation.
      But SGProfessionalBrowser and SGEnterpriseBrowser are now
      each inheriting separately from SGPEBrowser.
      It bears importance for the few differences in 2FA handling
      for Ent, where it is systematic, compared to Pro.
      Also, dead code is deleted (browser and pages' side).
      And a few commenting is added.
    • Artyom Chvostov's avatar
      [societegenerale] Fix error handling in transfers · 4e1004de
      Artyom Chvostov authored and hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum committed
      Initially only the case of "PLAFOND_SIGNATURE_DEPASSE" had to be added.
      But after discussions, the need to fix other cases emerged.
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      [societegenerale] Fix: handle Secure Access on Ent · ffecc268
      Damien Mat authored and hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum committed
      Secure Access is a kind of AppVal and is the 2FA method for Ent users.
      It was implemented with the common SocieteGeneraleTwoFactorBrowser.
      But it a systematic 2FA and
      it could not work with the backend for several reasons:
      - when entering the handle_polling,
      first URL to be called, when loading state, was initiating a second 2FA;
      - only one user's device name was displayed in the validation prompt,
      although there could be several;
      - after validation, we must to end up on a LoggedPage to
      avoid triggering a chained init_login();
      - once in background sync, load_state was starting at last url,
      altough it needs to start at login to be able to raise NeedInteractiveFor2FA;
      - also, since SGProfessionalBrowser is inheriting from
      SGEnterpriseBrowser, we must be revert in it some of the discussed
      changes made in SGEnterpriseBrowser.
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