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    • Christophe François's avatar
      [cmso] Fetch loans on pro website · adb9648f
      Christophe François authored
      The page is very similar to the loans page on the arkeabanqueprivee pro
      website, but it's a list instead of a table, so all xpaths are
      Like on arkeabanqueprivee pro, loans have no number and no ID on the
      website; only a label which isn't unique. We have no choice but to use
      the "index" which is an unstable JS generated value.
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    • Guillaume Risbourg's avatar
      [cmso] Fix internal recipients duplicate ids · a8fa611d
      Guillaume Risbourg authored
      Some internal recipients can have the same label and same owner, this
      caused some duplicate ids since we generated the internal recipients ids
      base on those values.
    • Damien Mat's avatar
      [cmso] Code displacement for better browser abstraction · 91c2d46f
      Damien Mat authored
      CMSO has previously mistakenly switched 'code_verifier' and 'code_challenge'.
      For most child modules it is now in the ritgh order, but not for all.
      Now the code that calls for 'code_verifier' and 'code_challenge' making,
      is put in a separate function so it can be switch in the wrong order if
      needed, in a child module.
  16. 17 Nov, 2020 3 commits
    • Damien Mat's avatar
      [cmso] Fix: fetch missing transactions at the start of a month · 26e5b5a0
      Damien Mat authored
      For now, transactions were fetch on a month by month basis.
      Each month would display transactions with at least one type of id
      among 2 possible, and those are collected.
      Finally, a global history page is parsed, without month param.
      A special condition would avoid duplicates based on the ids.
      But at the turn of the month there are transactions that
      don't have any id, and so would not be selected.
      First page fetched is the 'SIX_DERNIERES_SEMAINES'. All transactions from
      current month are selected here (they don't bear any id).
      Then the month by month selection is done.
      No final page without month param is fetched at the end since we
      already got all transactions.
      Tested also on CMB and BPE child modules.
    • Christophe François's avatar
      [cmso] Fix find_account method for market accounts · bdf4dc8a
      Christophe François authored
      The previous method used the account label and owner to find it on the
      market accounts page. However sometimes the same owner can have two
      accounts with the same label, and the matching fails. This was used to
      fetch invests, history and market orders, but also to determine the
      account's id.
      We can get the same id from the accounts page so we do that instead and
      we use it for the matching.
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