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weboob 0.6 released

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Weboob 0.6 (2011-03-01)
* New backend: Inrocks (CapMessages).
* New backend: LeFigaro (CapMessages).
* New backend: MediaWiki (CapContent).
* New backend: Minutes20 (CapMessages).
* New application: QWebContentEdit (CapContent).
Backend: AuM
* Fix: website changed, mails.php renamed to mail.php.
Backend: BNP
* Fix: the captcha has been changed on their website (#461).
Backend: CrAgr
* Fix: the history operation works when every non-ASCII character on
the bank website is replaced with two interrogation marks.
* Fix: calculation of cents.
Backend: CreditMutuel
* Fix: negative value correctly considered by 'list'
Backend: DLFP
* Fix: website changed to a new version (#503).
Backend: IsoHunt
* Fix: website doesn't provide seed information on info page anymore
Backend: KickAss
* Fix: size span detection improved (fixes #497).
Backend: OuiFM
* Fix: website changed to get current song.
Backend: PirateBay
* Fix: parsing to find leecher and seeders (#458).
Backend: Redmine
* Adds support for previewing modifications on redmine's wiki pages.
* Fix: when login/password is invalid.
Backend: Yahoo
* Fix: didn't load with python < 2.6
Application: boobmsg
* New command 'export_thread'.
* New parameter '-t' on the 'post' command to set a title.
Application: monboob
* Fix: catch errors when trying to bind the SMTP server (#485).
Application: QBoobMsg
* Fix: reload of backends list.
Application: webcontentedit
* New command 'log' to display all revisions of a page.
Application: weboob-config
* The 'edit' command can be used to interactively edit one backend,
instead of opening the './weboob/backends' file with a text editor.
* Checks on given backends for 'backends <add|register>' subcommands.
Application: weboob-config-qt
* Fix: crash when trying to add an already existing backend.
Repl Applications
* New parameter '-O' to set an output file.
* Fix: Browser.location() crashes when uri is empty (#488).
* Fix: catch every exceptions when loading a backend (not only
Weboob 0.5 (2011-01-08)
* New backend: MeteoFrance (CapWeather).
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