Commit d5fa29a3 authored by Maxime Pommier's avatar Maxime Pommier Committed by hydrargyrum
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[creditdunord] Added bdate to transactions

parent 598f2530
......@@ -628,6 +628,7 @@ def get_history(self, account):
if account.type is Account.TYPE_CARD and MyStrip(line[self.COL_DEBIT_DATE]):
date = vdate = Date(dayfirst=True).filter(MyStrip(line[self.COL_DEBIT_DATE]))
t.bdate = Date(dayfirst=True, default=NotAvailable).filter(MyStrip(line[self.COL_DATE]))
date = Date(dayfirst=True, default=NotAvailable).filter(MyStrip(line[self.COL_DATE]))
if not date:
......@@ -788,6 +789,7 @@ def get_history(self, account):
if account.type is Account.TYPE_CARD:
date = vdate = Date(dayfirst=True, default=None).filter(tr['dateval'])
t.bdate = Date(dayfirst=True, default=NotAvailable).filter(tr['date'])
date = Date(dayfirst=True, default=None).filter(tr['date'])
vdate = Date(dayfirst=True, default=None).filter(tr['dateval']) or date
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