Commit c43e4d40 authored by Laurent Bachelier's avatar Laurent Bachelier 🐧 Committed by Romain Bignon
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Fix packaging of Qt Makefiles

parent 224e6b92
......@@ -6,8 +6,5 @@ include ChangeLog
include desktop/*
include icons/*
include man/*
include weboob/applications/qboobmsg/ui/Makefile
include weboob/applications/qhavesex/ui/Makefile
include weboob/applications/qvideoob/ui/Makefile
include weboob/applications/qwebcontentedit/ui/Makefile
include weboob/tools/application/qt/Makefile
recursive-include weboob/applications Makefile
recursive-include weboob/tools/applications Makefile
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