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weboob 0.2 released

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Weboob 0.2 (2010-10-01)
* Backend 'yweather' renamed to 'yahoo'.
* New capability: ICapGeolocIp to geolocalise IP addresses.
* New backend Arte: for the french TV website.
* New backend GeolocIp: for the website.
* New backend BP: for the “Banque Postale” french bank.
* AuM backend: check when the account is blocked.
* AuM backend: ability to register new account.
* BNPorc backend: support history.
* CrAgr backend fix: support of another version of Credit Agricole.
* CrAgr backend fix: check if website is down.
* DLFP backend: display comments link in signature.
* DLFP backend fix: parsing of comments when templeet sucks.
* Youtube backend: support infinite searches.
* Youtube backend fix: parsing of URLs (#388).
* New application geolooc: a console application to interact with
ICapGeolocIp backends.
* New application weboob-cli: a console application to interact with
every backends.
* boobank application: new command 'history'.
* boobank application: new command 'transfer'.
* QHaveSex application: know if a message has been read or not.
* videoob application: new command 'play'.
* Console applications: can be interactive (repl) when run without any
command (#353).
* Console applications: if no backends are loaded at startup, ask user to
add them.
* Console applications: -s '*' fills objects.
* Qt applications: display configuration window if no backends are loaded
at startup.
* Core: ability to fill objects already fetched to complete them.
* Core: ICapMessages has been rewritten to be more efficient.
* Core: can enable or disable backends.
* Core: a test architecture has been written.
* Core: all loaded backends now need to be configured (#368).
* Core: new pargument --save-responses to debug HTML pages (#274).
* Core fix: handle read URL data failure.
* Core fix: Client is merged into mechanize >= 0.2 (#362).
Weboob 0.1 (2010-08-03)
* First public release.
* The core system can load/unload backends, supports configured
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ class Options:
description='Weboob, Web Out Of Browsers - development version',
author='Romain Bignon',
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