Commit 70ebaf77 authored by Julien Juke Hébert's avatar Julien Juke Hébert Committed by Romain Bignon
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[creditmutuel] remove unclear condition to get back the history

Closes: 3346@zendesk
parent 5b3b9a39
......@@ -707,12 +707,7 @@ class list_history(Transaction.TransactionsElement):
col_ville = u'Ville'
def condition(self):
if CleanText(u'//td[contains(., "Aucun mouvement")]', default=None)(self) \
or len(self.el.xpath('./td')) < 4 \
or CleanText(u'//td/p[contains(., "pas de Crédit")]'):
return False
return True
return not CleanText(u'//td[contains(., "Aucun mouvement")]', default=False)(self)
def parse(self, el):
label = CleanText(u'//*[contains(text(), "Achats")]')(el)
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