Commit 6c2f483d authored by hydrargyrum's avatar hydrargyrum
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[enercoop] electrical consumption page format changed

parent f58cb1f0
......@@ -156,12 +156,8 @@ def _history_on_page(self):
if not script_l:
script = script_l[0].text
jvalues ="window.x_axis_values=([^;]+)", script)[1]
xvalues = json.loads(jvalues)
jvalues ="window.y_axis_values=([^;]+)", script)[1]
yvalues = json.loads(jvalues)
xvalues = json.loads(script_l[0].attrib["data-x-axis-values"])
yvalues = json.loads(script_l[0].attrib["data-y-axis-values"])
xvalues, yvalues = self._tweak_values(xvalues, yvalues)
if all(yv == 0 for yv in yvalues):
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