Commit 66038093 authored by Maxime Gasselin's avatar Maxime Gasselin Committed by Romain Bignon
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[yomoni] Allows Investments empty date and empty quantity

Moreover, add xx-liquidity Code type for "Soldes Espèces" Invests.

Closes: 36887@sibi
parent c29f6934
......@@ -17,6 +17,10 @@
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
# along with this weboob module. If not, see <>.
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from base64 import b64encode
from functools import wraps
import json
......@@ -28,6 +32,7 @@
from weboob.exceptions import BrowserIncorrectPassword, ActionNeeded
from import Account, Investment, Transaction
from weboob.capabilities.base import NotAvailable
from import is_isin_valid
def need_login(func):
......@@ -137,12 +142,21 @@ def iter_investment(self, account, invs=None):
i = Investment()
i.label = "%s - %s" % (inv['classification'], inv['description'])
i.code = inv['isin']
i.code_type = Investment.CODE_TYPE_ISIN
i.quantity = CleanDecimal().filter(inv['nombreParts'])
if not is_isin_valid(i.code):
i.code = NotAvailable
i.code_type = NotAvailable
if u'Solde Espèces' in i.label:
i.code = 'XX-liquidity'
i.code_type = Investment.CODE_TYPE_ISIN
i.quantity = CleanDecimal(default=NotAvailable).filter(inv['nombreParts'])
i.unitprice = CleanDecimal().filter(inv['prixMoyenAchat'])
i.unitvalue = CleanDecimal().filter(inv['valeurCotation'])
i.valuation = CleanDecimal().filter(inv['montantEuro'])
i.vdate = Date().filter(inv['datePosition'])
# For some invests the vdate returned is None
# Consequently we set the default value at NotAvailable
i.vdate = Date(default=NotAvailable).filter(inv['datePosition'])
# performanceEuro is null sometimes in the JSON we retrieve.
if inv['performanceEuro']:
i.diff = CleanDecimal().filter(inv['performanceEuro'])
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