Commit 63370313 authored by Thibault Douge's avatar Thibault Douge Committed by hydrargyrum
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[trainline] change xpath of the total_price and the xpath of the currency

parent d1b9943a
......@@ -8,11 +8,13 @@
from woob.browser.elements import DictElement, ItemElement, method
from woob.browser.filters.standard import (
Date, Format, CleanText,
Currency, CleanDecimal, Env,
Currency, CleanDecimal, Env, Coalesce,
from woob.browser.filters.json import Dict
from woob.capabilities.bill import Subscription, Bill
from woob.capabilities import NotAvailable
class SigninPage(JsonPage):
......@@ -53,8 +55,14 @@ def condition(self):
obj_id = Format('%s_%s', Env('subid'), CleanText(Dict('order/id')))
obj_number = CleanText(Dict('order/friendlyOrderId'))
obj_date = Date(Dict('order/orderDate'))
obj_currency = Currency(Dict('order/payment/paid/currency'))
obj_total_price = CleanDecimal.SI(Dict('order/payment/paid/amount'))
obj_currency = Coalesce(
Currency(Dict('order/payment/paid/currency', default=''), default=NotAvailable),
Currency(Dict('order/invoices/0/currencyCode', default=''), default=NotAvailable)
obj_total_price = Coalesce(
CleanDecimal.SI(Dict('order/payment/paid/amount', default=''), default=NotAvailable),
CleanDecimal.SI(Dict('order/invoices/0/totalAmount', default=''), default=NotAvailable)
obj_url = Format(
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